Workshop At SDN Kandangan III & Review At SD Al Muslim

by Sun Yifeng (Yvonne) – China

Today is my 58th day here in Indonesia and is also my last day working in Tunas Hijau. How time flies. I have been here almost two months. Life here is fantastic. If I could, I’d like to stay here longer. Indonesian people are very friendly. Indonesian food is delicious. And the scenery here is marvelous. I love here.

This morning starts from 7.00. First, we go to SDN Kandangan 3 Surabaya. It is a new school. We only need to give them a simple preview because we will come here later. First, I talk something about the global warming. Kids there seem to have some misunderstandings about the global warming. In their opinion, global warming is caused by pollution. So we show them the cartoon movie about global warming twice with explanation.

After that, we ask the students again what global warming is and then they can give us the right answer. Because the time of preview is really short, I just introduce what global warming is and what causes it. I think next week Michael will come and tell them more about how to prevent it.

In the afternoon, we go to the Al Muslim elementary school again. Today our target is to give them a review of what we presented during last two times and ask them to make a presentation to us. Michael firstly asks them questions about what global warming is, what causes global warming, and what we can do to prevent global warming. We are very delight to find that students still remember what we told them.

Then Michael divides the students into two groups. Every group will have two representatives to give presentation. After 15 minutes preparation, Dania and other girls give us two excellent presentations. They make their PowerPoint using paper. After the presentation we ask them some questions and they answered very well. Today I am really happy because we see our jobs paid off.

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