Last But Not Least In Santo Yusuf Malang

by Vincent Jiang – China

Malang- After theoretical learning, it’s the time to practice. When we entered the classroom with the recycling dustbin, I can see the aspiration from every faces.

Abhinav explained some simple concepts first with his standard Bollywood smile. It’s really interesting to see reactions from the students every time. They just rushed out to the school in one second after hearing my request to find some organic rubbish. Five minutes later, they come back full of their “captures”.

That is the time for me to teach them how to finish the process to make the fertilizer. Actually, it isn’t necessary for me to teach them like a lecturer. They can follow my action and master the skills easily. Suddenly, Sandra, one of the cutest boys, asked, “Does that mean every one of us can do the recycling at home every day?

Then we wont have any rubbish again, right?”Sometimes I have to admire their wisdom, except the excellent English level, the smartest students can always make the perfect conclusion before teacher give the answers.

Last but not the least, it’s time to say goodbye to every genius children. What a pity I have to leave them so soon, but I’m sure they can make difference of Malang, Indonesia, even the world in the coming future.

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