Learning A New Experience With Kids

by Abhinav Prabhat – India

Malang- In SDN Jatimulyo 4, I have a great experience with the students. They are lovely and ready to face the challenges, in the first school we introduce ourselves and then start games and puzzles. Students enjoy a lot with us. They know India only by Shahrukh  Khan and nothing else.

I told them about India its culture and the biggest thing which I had done in the school is one of my biggest hobby “DANCING”. I love dancing and here students force me to dance and I really enjoyed a lot with them. They follow me and I teach them dancing steps of Bollywood.

Infact our friend from Malang, Nizam and Arin also dance with me. One of the interns from China, Vincent also learn the Indian dance. School head master and other teachers also want to learn the dance and they come in front and ask me to teach them about Indian dance.

I first dance on the tunes of “Dhoom 2” and then on “Aapke aa jane se” from the film “Khudgarz”.

Its really a good experience for me, and the kids are awesome. They know how to adapt the changes in the modern world and the things they learn very fast.

After that all the students want to have photograph with us, as they resemble with Shahrukh Khan, oh my God. I am not.

We went to the ground and take photographs with the students and with faculty members.

All students shake hands with us.

I must say it’s a good school having good morale and they know how to teach students in the environment friendly behavior. Whole school is covered with green plants, so I think they know already the importance of global warming precautions and save ozone layer. They have the clean campus, cool campus with good faculties around.

And the school, which have such a qualities, always grows in upper direction.

All the best guys……….Terima kasih

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