Learning With Pure and Mild Hearts……..

by Abhishek Upadhyay – India

Malang- Yesterday, I got a call from Tunas Hijau Club Indonesia that I have a class tomorrow at Santo Yusuf and I have to make them learn English. A new class and a new subject and I was thinking what to do? Then I thought why not make the students understand environment in this English class. Let’s have a discussion with them, make the students express their views, what they think about the environment related problems.

Today I went to Santo Yusuf High School, Malang, I entered the class and there was a warm welcome for me. I saw that students were quite excited about the class. I started it with a presentation on “Recycling The Waste”, students discussed the minor points of the topic. After the I ask the students to express their views a Global warming and then ask them to write few sentences on “How to reduce Global Warming?” Everyone wrote some points and then I asked them to read it in front of the class. The best views were awarded by a souvenir from India.

After all this it was fun time but with a mix of information In this fun game students in group of 5 has to explain their teammates the words I had given them, but  without saying a word. I was surprised to see the coordination between them, they were brilliant. The winning team was awarded by some chocolates. During all this the faculty member Mrs Tyas was always there to help me. It was a great day to append with students who were so keen to know about their environment. I am also hoping my rest of the days in Malang to be spent under such activities.

Thanks Tunas Hijau Club Indonesia

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