Make A Start Now …….

By Abhinav Prabhat – India

Malang- Today, I plant many trees with students of SMP Santo Yusup Malang. It was really a great experience having planting trees. I had done before also but not like this. I’m planting many plants but not like this with kids and you have to saw the excitement on their faces. All the students are so much happy and full of excitement. They all know about the “GO GREEN” project. They know how to save the Earth from global warming. That’s why they give total support to save the Earth.

We mixed the soil with fertilizers and had a mixture ready and then fill the mixture into the bags for planting plants into it, to make saplings of it. The satisfaction I get from this, I can’t found in anywhere else, trust me.

I am meet different-different people of different origin and having different types of talks related to global warming but the response I saw here in Malang, Indonesia is awesome. Not the people here but the little school kids are very keen very eager to take participate in all the activities related to this project. It’s awesome, fabulous experience to working with them. I must learn from the kids, the energy, the enthuasism, the excitement they have.

Not only students but their faculty also took an active participation in this project. I really love these kids and the school. I pray to God for the better future for the kids.

When I go back to my country, INDIA, I will tell everyone about Malang kids that how they help me in my project  “GO GREEN”.

These kids start a new beginning from their childhood for a better tomorrow, so why not we?

When these kids understand the importance of trees,plants in such a age then why not we can understand on this mature age,…..THINK?

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