Walking Around

By Jin Xiwen – China

Malang- They said we would have class in SMP 21 Malang this morning. But something maybe wrong. When we get there, the teacher said to us that we’d better come tomorrow.

We come with expectation and back with empty stomach, while little disappointed.

On our exhausted way home,I suddenly considered that I cannot just go back home like this, I want do something. just at this moment, the farming land in front of our home come into my eyes.

Photography!I never noticed this land could be so beautiful. I tell Abhishek I am going to spend a long time here, if he want go home, he doesn’t have to wait for me. Abhishek just said “OK” with his tired nodding.

Sun is burning, but slight wind make me feel comfortable. Farmers are working in the field, sweating but feel happy. Noise from motorcyical remind us that it is still city here.

One of the farmers found my coming. When he saw the camera in my hand, he begin waving hand to me with shy smile. Others are more serious than him. They just keep forcing on the work. Seems like I was not there. I keep taking pictures for them, the man who first noticed my coming is very active. He rise his hand, wave at me or thumb up. Others maybe affected by him, start to smile or posing, lovely people!

I like this kind of feeling, though it is a little bit hot. I am cheerful because I am living a life style which I expected for a long time. I hope this kind of life will never come to an end.

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