Water Observation in Banyubiru & Umbalan Pasuruan Water Resources

By Chen Jiahui (Ivy) – China

Today is my water trip. It must be the cleanest water I’ve seen since I come here.

The first destination was the Banyubiru in Pasuruan. It was a water resource with a nice surrounding. Entering the gate, I thought it was a park. What we can see were a lot of trees and several water pools in the middle. After walking around for a while, we began to do some interview.

Firstly was a visitor, a fifty or so year old woman. She was about to leave after a long time swimming in the pool. She told us that the reason why she likes to swim there was because she believes the water in water resource can help to recover some disease. The second one we interviewed was a local people who stood in the water, washing the clothes and helping her son to take a shower.

As she said, she has lived there since childhood and she always use the water like that. What’s more, people live around there will collect water in the early morning for drinking. It shows that their daily water use all depend on the water resource. When asking about whether the water there had changed in these years, she told us the water there always as clean as that. However, they never know that after the water flow out to different branches of river, it will cause pollution, especially the rubbish that be thrown in the water resource.

After the Banyu Biru, we went to Umbalan, another water resource. There were some people taking shower in the water and several teenagers playing in it. When approaching the water, we found out that there were some plastic inside, which were bound to be thrown by people around there. We also interviewed one of the teenagers. It was the first time for him to visit that water resource.

He thought the water was really clean. And I got a very special answer of the question “how do you think of people’s behavior to throw rubbish in the water resource and pour the chemical things in it by washing clothes and taking shower”. In his mind, the water was given by the god, we can use it whatever we want. Moreover, he told me there is also a water resource near his school and all of his school drinks water directly from the water resource without any dealing.

What we have seen and all of the interviews today proved that the water in water resource is clean enough. But when compared with the water in the rivers of Surabaya, we can see a extreme difference. Actually all the water in the rivers of Surabaya comes from the water resource, but why they are so different? It should be a question to everyone. How the water become depends on how people use it.

Sure, god gives us water, that’s why we should treasure it.