Running Environment Workshops In Two More Schools in Surabaya

By James Ogilvie – England

Today we visited two more schools in Surabaya to run environmental workshops with the students. The first school we visited, called SMP 21 Surabaya, was a very nice junior high school where we worked with a group of students who were around thirteen years old. We ran a similar program to the last few days where we split them into groups and sent them out to survey the school grounds and see what improvements they thought could be made. We divided them into six groups, each with a different focus, and asked them to present their findings to the rest of their class once we returned from surveying the school. The children were very enthusiastic and interested, and came up with some good observations and ideas.

After we had discussed their ideas for their school, Yusuke and I spoke to them about recycling projects and eco-schools in England and Japan, which they were very interested in. We also set them a challenge to collect recycling from their homes and bring it into school next week so it can be recycled. Before leaving we had a massive photo session, where every student (mostly the girls to be fair) wanted to have their photo taken with us! It was so crazy that Roni joked that we should start charging them money to take our photos!!

The second school we visited was a large senior high school called SMK 11 Surabaya. It was an arts and technology senior high school, and had student’s work displayed all over the school grounds. They also showed us their gallery, which had some amazing paintings and sculptures on display. Again, we ran a similar program to the last few days where we went out with the students to have a look around and to survey the school grounds. We asked them to make observations about environmental issues in their school and see what improvements they thought could be made.

As with the previous classes, the students were very enthusiastic and came up with some good solutions. Once we had discussed their ideas, Yusuke and I gave presentations about water problems and eco-schools in England and Japan. We then showed them some environmental themed cartoons, which are really funny, and challenged them to try and create their own! Being art students, many of which study animation, we thought it would be a good project for them. I am looking forward to seeing what they will come up with!

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