The Second Day In Surabaya

y Yusuke Koizumi – Japan

I had two programs of making presentation in different schools. One was for kids, which is almost the same as I did yesterday. And the other one was for the teachers in a school. And I renewed some parts of my presentation that I did yesterday because I couldn’t let children know what I wanted to tell.

The first school was Catholic one. One of the staff of Tunas Hijau told me that all children can go to this school even if they are not Catholic and actually there are some Muslim students. I’ve ever heard that Indonesia is open to all religion. And at that time I could know that was true and fell like getting into the Indonesian real culture a little bit.

The school has run eco-activity for two years, so we saw no rubbish on the street and the room was totally cleaned up. And some students took me to the place where they do composting and paper re-making in the school, explaining how to do it or when they started. Then James and I were supposed to make a presentation but after James did it, children were so in a mess that I couldn’t do my presentation. We have to educate children but I also need to help children to pay attention and not to get bored because they are just children, I notice. The point is how I can make my presentation clearer and easier to understand making consideration for them. But it was so nice school anyway.

After that school, we moved to the next one. That seems a small school compared to the other ones that we visited but there also a lot of students playing when we arrived. When we are asked to go into the office, a weird buzzer was blared out over the school, which was like police or ambulance is coming. But that was the buzzer that students have to pick litters during the time and they were running in the field to find rubbish. I had a big surprise with that.

There we two of interns had a time to make a presentation. However it was not for children but for teachers. The teachers are so interested in our country and the environment. I’ve never seen that kind of study-program in Japan (although there are some as well), so I was much influenced by them because they asked many questions for me. I think I should try to attend the same kind of work-shop in Japan when I get back.

The second day was also a great day for me. I’m getting to find the Indonesian culture and its environment gradually.

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