Drawing Mural About Millennium Development Goals With Students of SD Theresia II

Yusuke Koizumi – Japan

I felt a little bit tired this morning because we went to the turtle observation this weekend. But today, we have an activity in the school of theresia 2 to draw a picture on a large fabric. It seems so interesting. And also, the other organization, Peace Corps, is coming to see our activity and the media is taking it on the news as well.

When I arrived at the school, the students already gathered on the flour, waiting for us and looking forward to starting it. They were divided into 8 groups and the each had already prepared for their own pictures that they would draw on the big fabric. The all pictures were so nice and well-drown although I expected the pictures might be like childish. They were much greater than my drawing. James and I just helped to make the paints that they used and drew some parts of the pictures.

After few moments, the others came and had a short speech to the school, who is United States Consul General in Surabaya Caryn Mc Clelland, to try to make a good relationship with Indonesia. There were also some journalists accompanying who were taking photos of them and interviewing them. It was nice to see the other organization from foreign country was working in the Indonesian school. We had some conversation with them on the lunch time.

In the afternoon, we went to SMP 27. We had a small presentation for the students about our trip to the national park showing the pictures we took. They have also never seen such a big turtle, so the pictures made them excited and they were much interested in our story of the trip. Furthermore, they will have a video-conference with Japanese students in this Saturday via skype, so I taught some easy Japanese phrases and try them to pronounce them. It is surprising that Tunas Hijau has had some conferences through the internet with Japanese schools so far. And interestingly, we will have one with Theresia 1 tomorrow. I’m looking forward to seeing how it will be like and I will help with the language somehow.

We did not have activities as we had before like making a presentation or school observation. But it was so fun to draw with children and will be more fun to see the conference with Japanese children tomorrow.

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