My Last Day Working With Tunas Hijau

James Ogilvie – England

Today was my last day working with Tunas Hijau in Surabaya. This morning we went to SD Johannes Gabriel, where the teachers wanted to thank me and give me a present for helping in their school for the last two months. I was really please to be able to go back and say goodbye as I really like their school and enjoyed going there. They gave me a really nice batik scarf which was very nice of them.

After leaving Johannes Gabriel we went to SMP27 to prepare the students there for tomorrow’s activities. Tomorrow they will be planting trees and mangroves in their school and holding a video conference with a junior high school in Japan, so we had to make sure everything was ready for that. Afterwards we drove to the government office to pick up the mangrove plants that will be planted tomorrow, and then returned to the Tunas Hijau office.

I would like to thank everyone at Tunas Hijau for making my time in Surabaya so enjoyable. I have had a great time here and I have met some awesome people. Keep up the good work everyone!

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