nitiate Separating Rubbish At SD Medokan Semampir & Preparing Environment Kids By Kids Workshop At SD Kristus Raja

James Ogilvie – England

We visited two different schools today to run environmental programs with children. The first school we visited today was called SD Medokan Semampir 259 & 260, the primary school near the Tunas Hijau office. This school is very dirty and has lots of rubbish around the school grounds, and last week we came to talk to a group of children about it.

We came to see if the situation has improved and to run another workshop with the children. In general, I think the school was looking cleaner and there was less rubbish around the playground, so maybe our workshop last week had some effect on them!

We spoke to them about separating rubbish into organic and non-organic for recycling and compost and asked them to go around the school collecting different types of rubbish. Together they collected lots of rubbish which will also help make the school cleaner! Hopefully, if the improvements continue here the school will soon be a lot nicer than it was when we first came here.

After leaving SD Medokan Semampir  we got in the car and drove to SD Kristus Raja Surabaya, a really nice primary school in Surabaya. Last week we ran several practical activities in the school and we came to discuss these with the children today and also prepare for next week’s workshop. Next week a group of children from another school will come to SD Kristus Raja and the children here will present to them about what environmental work they have been doing in their school. Similar to what we did last week with SD Johannes Gabriel, I think this is a great way for the children to learn from each other, and is also very fun for them all.

We decided to have four activities during the workshop: organic farming, paper recycling, composting and biopori. We split the children into groups and gave each group one of the four tasks, which they will demonstrate to the other children next week. They then practiced the tasks and practiced explaining about the tasks to each other. While they were doing this I came up with a schedule to organise the running of the workshop and make sure everything is prepared and goes smoothly next week.

After that we went to pick up some spinach seeds to plant in the garden in Kristus Raja as the seeds we planted two weeks ago do not seem to have grown! We’re not sure why; maybe they didn’t have enough water, or maybe birds got to them! But either way, we had to dig up the soil again and replant the spinach seeds, which will hopefully grow better this time. It was very hot and dirty work in the heat but fingers crossed it will be more successful than last time.

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