Video Conference of Japanese and Indonesian Students

Yusuke Koizumi – Japan

Today we helped the students of Theresia 1 have a video-conference with Japanese students. They were so looking forward to talking with Japanese students before the conference had started, and prepared for it. The most interesting thing is that Tunas Hijau have already done the same video-conferences using Skype so far. I was totally surprised that Japanese schools are doing these kinds of activity with foreign countries without some translator. Anyway, I helped them about the language today.

The schedule of this conference was like this. At first, the Japanese students introduced themselves and their culture. And then the next is for the students in Theresia 1 to introduce the same things. And back to the Japanese students, they made some short presentations about Japanese Flora and Fauna. They were Iriomote wild cat, Hokuriku Sanshouo (Salamander) and Toki (Ibis), which are all in danger. And at final, students from Indonesia made the presentations of the same theme to Japanese students. What they told were Komodo dragon, Rafflesia Arnoldii and the eagle which lives in Java island.

The both students were a little bit confused about what they should do for the others who live faraway. But gradually, they could know how to communicate each other although it was English, of course, and just say hello or something because they do not need so much skill to speak any other languages but just communication. I was trying not to translate so much because it would disturb their communication at all if I did too much. I just helped if they had some misunderstandings.

The one hour conference was succeeded somehow and I felt it was too short. But I guess this activity that the students in Indonesia can get some opportunities to talk with the other countries’ students, especially with Japanese. Hopefully, they will keep a contact with each other as long as they can.

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