My First Day In Indonesia Did Not Go Very Smooth


Malang- It was a rather impulsive decision that I came to Indonesia and work for Tunas Hijau. After spending a year as an exchange student in Canada, I was supposed to go back to my university in Japan. But suddenly it hit me that I only have 3 semesters left to graduate – which means my life as a student is practically over, since I should be starting job hunting right away. So I decided to took a semester off and discover something fun to do, to make the best of the rest of my time as a student.

Then I found AIESEC in Korea looking for interns! And without any hesitation, I chose Tunas Hijau because I was always interested in environmental issues. My mother works for an environmental research institute in Korea and it was her who taught me how humans are a part of the nature, and how environmental education for children is important.

However, my first day in Indonesia did not go very smooth. After I landed at Surabaya airport, I was expecting the driver who can take me to Malang, but I couldn’t find him. I didn’t have any address or phone number, and the internet was not available in the airport either. But random Indonesian people I met heard my situation, took me to an internet café, helped me making phone calls, and even bought me dinner.

I was surprised to see how everybody can be so kind! Thanks to them I safely arrived in Malang within time. And My buddies showed me around the University of Brawijaya campus and this beautiful city today by a motorcycle. Indonesia has been awesome to me so far, even the food is great. I’m also so motivated to learn Indonesian language. I can’t wait for next 2 months in here to come.