Environmental Changes And Education

Situbondo- This morning we woke up to the very last day of our stay in Situbondo. On the one hand we were all looking forward to coming back to Surabaya, but on the other hand the fact how well we were treated we all will miss a lot. All teachers, students and other employees in this school were so kind, nice and pleasant to talk to. The “Situbondo” trip is to be concluded as follows.

Me and Wenjun had the last presentation where our audience were students, which was a little bit less difficult as opposed to present to teachers. My presentation was about the environmental changes and education with a particular focus on the differences between Europe and Indonesia. My presentation was going well and to my surprise my students enjoyed it too.

In the conclusion of my presentation I employed students with a little assignment to come up with suggestions and ideas how to improve environment in Indonesia. A number of valuable ideas were mentioned and hence I could see that students paid attention throughout the entire presentation. A compulsory group-photo time with contact-exchange followed, which I love in particular because establishing connections around the world is more than valuable and interesting.

Approximately around midday we experienced a more beautiful side of Situbondo when we went to the beach to have a short dip… To be honest, we all needed this relaxing moment of chilling out. After coming back from the beach, we packed our stuff in the hotel and came back to the school to say good-bye to everyone. Teachers were already expecting us with gifts and wonderful smiles on their faces. After a few moments we set off for a 5-hour journey back to Surabaya.

All this “environmental education” trip I found to be very positive full of new experience, meeting new people and creating valuable worldwide connections. I really enjoyed what I was doing and hopefully the same can be said about our audience. If there is any other trip like this, I definitely want to be counted in!

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