First Day Running Environment Programs At SMKN 1 Panji

Situbondo- On Sunday (24/1) evening, we started our environmental education trip to Situbondo.  After 6-hour drive, we arrived at our hotel – Ramayana hotel. First morning, Monday (25/1), we went to the SMK Negeri 1 Panji Situbondo. As Usual, following with an English teacher (Dewi), we walked around all the campus.

As a public school, it is actually cleaner than the other schools I visited last Friday. Classes here are actually more interesting than my middle school class in China such as cooking course, religion class, hotel hospitality and various language courses including, English, German and Japanese. We happened to run into a Japanese course in a multi-media room. However, students are pretty shy to speak English with us.

After all these, I finally started my first real presentation. It’s about Australia culture. Due to my Mac PPT problem, we spent lots of time on fixing my document. I was afraid that I would be fairly nervous to talk in front of more than 40 students. However, it was not the case. I enjoyed it. Though, language is still a problem, Dewi helped me a lot by translating. And I was glad that, she also seems enjoying my presentation, especially about Australia Aboriginals, beautiful views, and some stories.

Some students are interested in the price of Smart Car compared to normal cars and longest distance of a smart car travel. Which I think it is a fairly practical question.  The reason Smart cars are popular in developed country could be price and personal value. For the same price, some people in developed country will take environment as an important aspect to make the decision.

Due to its comparable small in size, some people will prefer to buy a bigger one. Why people always want a bigger car? Is it only for usage or showing identity? Meantime, Consuming electric rather than gas make it hard to travel long distance. How to make our trip last longer? All those questions can be used to improve Smart Car itself and marketing.

Anyway, I was quite happy with my first presentation. And Situbondo treated us very well.