Go Green With Kids

Nizam and I headed to SDN Purwantoro 1 Kota Malang at 6:30 in the morning. It’s amazing how people start their days so early. Albeit little time difference between Seoul and Malang, during my early days in here I felt like I’m having jet lag because back in home I used to go to bed at 3 AM and wake up at 10 AM.

Kids were still doing their morning aerobic at the time I got to the school. It was such dance that Korean kids would refuse to follow, saying it’s too “childish”. They step into the world of adults so fast, that I sometimes think children nowadays in Korea might not have something to call a childhood. It was nice to see Indonesia children have fun doing childish things.

After the morning gathering, I was guided to a big classroom filled with more than 100 kids. I introduced myself in Bahasa, and as Nizam taught me the day before I started to play the game which goes like “hidung hidung mata mata pipi pipi mulut…” Then I started my presentation with the theme of Environment in Korea. First part was about the scenery of four seasons, and the second part dealt with recent governmental projects such as rooftop gardens and Cheonggye Stream restoration. I tried to put a lot of pictures in my ppt because I didn’t want to bore the kids. And thankfully, every time I click the slide they showed such great reactions, shouting “wow” in one voice. It was the most rewarding time I have had in Indonesia.

Then I dropped by SDK Sang Timur Kota Batu to attend its Christmas event and introduce myself in front of everyone. Nizam told me I will be going there again next week.

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