“Kamu Tau Komodo?” – “Tauuuuu!”

The second target school for our komodo project was SD Al Muslim. As might be expected of a private school, it was bigger, brighter, MUCH cleaner, better-equipped, and less crowded – definitely better than any other public school I’ve been to. We were ushered directly to the media room filled with sleek computers and LCD monitors. As soon as a class of 2nd graders took the seat, our new Chinese intern Wenjun started to explain them about New 7 Wonders project and its website. Just like we did in SDN Galiasin 1 last week, we helped the kids to sign up and vote for Komodo Island. Although they barely could understand any English, I was so happy that my effort to learn Bahasa was finally paying off…! I could at least told them to type their names, type them once more, or ask if they have an email address. For the next batch of students, I talked about how komodo dragons are in danger and led the class.

Then one of the teachers volunteered to give Wen and me a tour around the school. I gladly followed her and found out that all students have not only their own bottle of hand soap to keep them clean, but dish, spoon and fork which they wash by themselves after lunch. Besides, everyone waters and takes care of the plant with his/her name tag on it, so isn’t it a great way to learn responsibility? SD Al Muslim is an even better school than it looks like. After the Komodo class, I also had a pleasant talk with junior high school teachers, had a really good laugh with a group of 9th grade girls who like Korean boy bands, and then visited SDN Perak Barat for the third time. We had fun picking up garbage together and separating them into plastic, paper, and organic.

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