One Soul One Tree in Surabaya

Surabaya- This morning, I got up at 4:00 for the tree planting.  The roots of the trees here are comparable smaller than the tree in my country or even in Australia. Alexis is suggesting that, we should grow more trees in Indonesia due to its convenience because there is no need to dig a deep hole to fit the roots. I think it’s good idea as well.

Air pollution is quite bad here. More green will definitely contribute cleaner air. This tree-planting program is about “one soul one tree”. My work mate, Bram told me, when a family is having a new baby, they have to plant one tree. I guess this is the gift for that baby’s future. It’s a very sweet programme.

So during the rest of morning, we went to visit couple of eco-schools (SDN MANUKAN KULON 4 and other 3 schools) with people who work in the environmental department. Because they are all public school, they are not financially strong enough to facility everything.

Overall, they are all clean. There is one of them left all the dead plants and branches behind the classroom. I am a bit worried what they will do with those dead plants. Some of my work mate told they will burn it. However, this is really bad for the environment. Apart from checking the school facility, I think we also should ask them how they deal with the rubbish as well.

And other good thing about visiting school is taking lots of nice lunch box home. Anyway, today is pleasant without rain.