Road To Situbondo, Spreading Environmental Awareness

Situbondo- SMKN 1 Panji, a senior high school, is located in Situbondo, which is the city approximately 5-hour drive from the second biggest city of Indonesia – Surabaya. Our main assignment to undertake within this 4-day project is to educate and make students of the SMKN 1 Panji aware of environmental issues currently discussed particularly across the world but also in Indonesia. In order to accomplish the above goal, our team consisted of me, Wenjun, Roni and Bram as the main participators to deliver what has been promised.

We set off for our journey on the 24th of January 2010 at 6pm at the main bus stop terminal in Surabaya. After brief negotiating activities regarding bus ticket prices and related schedules we finally hopped in a bus and thus our 4-day Situbondo project got under its way.

When we had reached Situbondo after approximately 5,5 hours, we quickly found the way to our hotel to be accommodated and get sufficient sleep for the busy schedule starting at 8am the following day.

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