Second Day Running Environment Programs At SMKN 1 Panji

Situbondo- Without rain last night, the temperature is obviously higher than yesterday morning in this morning, Tuesday (26/1). Because being told about today’s task is about giving presentation to the teachers, I was a bit nervous last night.

Though the topic is about energy, I don’t really know anything about it. Lost of information had been downloaded from Internet, that is how my presentation PowerPoint made of. I was trying to make it better. However, there are lots of academic vocabularies that I don’t understand. There is one good thing I learnt from my workmates, both Martin and Alexis, is to keep a vocabulary book with you. Keep learning new words everyday.

Last night I finished one PowerPoint without Internet. Thank for the book “planet earth”from Tunas Hijau. I covered most of the Chapters, and found out there is so much to learn. Especially about the “did you know?” part, most of the time, my answer is I really don’t know. I was surprised by the lots of facts in the book. For example, very loud noise from machinery or vehicles can disrupt animal’s migration and breeding and limit their choice of habitat.

This morning, Bram showed me how to make natural compost. First find a place where water will go through most of time, for example, the spot where air-condition water drop. Or even under the canalization drain where rainfall will pass by. Then make a hole about one meter deep by a special drilling tool. After that, put all the organic rubbish and leafs above it, last cover it with the rest of soil.

After introduced we in front of all the teachers in the hall, I went to give a presentation to students about energy. Because my content is a bit more academic, students sometimes cannot follow. I tried to explain and meantime I found out that even I don’t really know how electricity comes from east to west by a wind turbine. I guess I need to prepare more specifically. That will make the presentation easy for me to demonstrate while also it will be easier for students to follow.

Anyway, I am learning. Even Bahasa is still not in progress but I learnt a lot by giving presentation.