Visit SDK Santa Theresia I, a Primary Eco-School

Surabaya- I went to one of the Eco-schools (SDK. SANTA THERESIA I) in Surabaya that partnered with Tunas Hijau. It’s an elementary school. Kids are playing games by jumping in to squares painted on the floor. It’s one of the environmental friendly after class games. Instead educating them anything about environment, two girls showed me around the school. They taught me how to do mix organic rubbish into soil box to fertilize the soil, meanwhile, rubbish is also disposed cleanly. Big bucket for the fallen leafs.

Afterwards, she showed me those handcraft made by wasted material. They are shopping bags made by plastic bag, wall-hanging craft made by newspaper, and jacket and skirt made by washing powder’s bag. At last, we went to their green house. This environmental team maintains the whole green house.

Its size is about 15 students and they come here on weekend to take care of them. They managed to plant aloe and some other plant, which is help to heal cut.  I helped to peel the dead plant as well. One girl was also dancing with the dead long leaf. She enjoyed taking care of plant. And I also think this is good for kid’s growing up. Be more responsible and save our earth at the same time.

Due to the raining season here, our schedule for visiting another school is stuck at some street food store. Some chat with locals is always nice way to kill time especially when it is pouring outside.