SDN Petemon 13 Surabaya With A Lot Of Recycle Products

Surabaya- Today, we went another Eco-school (SDN Petemon 13) by car. Unfortunately, one of the tyres had some problems. We stopped at somewhere and waited for spare tye a bit. Then, we decided to take a taxi to the school.

As usual, kids showed me around. Though they told me that they can not speak English, they still make an effort to tell me that “dirty river.” Schools are still quite clear. Like other schools, they also made hats and bags by used package bag and flowers by straws. Those pieces plastic paper were fully used to make flowers by decorating the school. We divided the whole class into 2 groups, one with me, the other one with Michael.

After I exchanged my names with the students, we set out walking around the school. After 10 mins walking around and picking up rubbish, we came back to classroom. Today’s job is to make kids to make a plan to save the environment. After they discussed for a while, they start coming to us and play with the camera. Then we took picture together.

Kids in Indonesia have pretty good sense of music and art. However, the drums behind us are never quite. They asked my name and my parent’s name. They told me they are Islam, and want to know about our religion. Michael told them, most of the people in Australia do not have religion. That little boy still asked, Buddha? (How about Buddhism?) we tried to make a point, not all the people in the world have to have a religion. It’s all good.

Like any other county’s kids, they also have fun by calling each other stupid. However, I caught a boy call girl fatty. Tried to make him to say sorry to her. It seemed a bit too serious. So I gave up.

Anyway, now we are heading to the American Dance Show, Excited!!!!