Teacher Must Do The Environment Education To Students

This morning, we went to some elementary school (SDN MEDOKAN SEMAMPIR I&II), which is close by the office. Sun is still really strong everyday, so I put a layer of sun cream over my face and arms.

After 10-min walk, we arrived the school. Generally, it’s still not too bad. However, when I look into the bin, there is empty. And rubbish is thrown into some bucket and other corners. Compared to other school, this public elementary school is not small. However, the extra empty place is used for dumped construction rubbish.

What a shame. There is supposed to be a fishpond. However, because of the money shortage, nothing can be done. There is no fishpond, no garden that is on their plan. Then we talked to the teacher, found out that there is no tap water in this school. We asked teacher, how do they make students to keep the environment clean. She said, she wouldn’t start the class if the classroom were really dirty.

It probably will work. But this is not our initial motivation to keep environment clean. When I was a kid, I throw rubbish into the bin on the street. Mum was laughing at me and said, you never did that at home. I think my teacher was quite successful. Because 9-year-old I know the importance to keep rubbish in the right bin. I guess teacher in this school must already do the environment education to students, and it is not really working. They should not only talk, and they should actually take students clean the campus together. And keep an eye on who throw the rubbish on the floor. It’s shame on someone who did it.

Right now, students actually don’t have the conscious that it’s not all right to throw the rubbish on the floor.

In the afternoon, we went to the same school as yesterday. Different from yesterday, we did presentation today. For elementary school students, I think presentation in English is too much. So I played lots of video.  They are all very attracted by video not my theory part. When it comes to the “why” part, they are not interested. I feel a bit wasted. We could give this kind of information to teacher, and make sure teacher understand and go back to tell their students.

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