To Visit Rubbish Dumping ‘Island’, ‘Amazing’

Surabaya- Today I was a bit late, when Bram came to my place. Arrived workplace, due to a week without internet, I can’t wait to check my email, had so many students from all the schools want to be my friend on facebook.
Today’s mission is to visit rubbish dumping island. Pinang, Malaysia, is also expanded on rubbish. However, for Pinang, I cannot say it’s rubbish, because those are already composted properly, no longer rubbish anymore.  But I was shocked by this rubbish hill. Bram told me, it supposes to be big compost, with a lay of soil on the top of rubbish. However, what I saw is plastic mixing with rotten food that cannot even tell what was it. And flies are everywhere and air is full of rubbish smell. Still there are so many people picking up plastic bags to sell. 1 KG plastic bags can only exchange for 3000 rupiahs.
By seeing this, I don’t even dare to have an opinion. How poor will you be to have the willing to work here? This is no longer an environmental issue anymore. Government regulation? People’s moral? I guess in this case it’s poverty. For a developing country, how much money would be willing to throw to deal rubbish while living necessary goods is not yet met.
After lunch, we went to a factory which producing soil by using leafs and dead trees. Then another smaller one, different from the first one, this one uses not only leafs but organic garbage as well. Compare to the smell, this one doesn’t smell that nice. After that, we visit the park on the back of this factory. Apart from large scale of green, there are some animal live there. I feed a deed by myself as well.
Anyway, walking in a park is always pleasant.