Educate 2 Junior High Schools

Surabaya- This morning Tunas Hijau visited SMP Negeri 37 (junior high school) to run a workshop on environmental issues. After a rough start because I struggled with the language barrier, the presentation continued with some translation. All the kids were patient with me for not being able to speak Indonesian and the fact that my Australian accent makes it hard for them to understand my English.

The first year level were year 7’s who were all really attentive. The following seminar was held for year 8 students. Roni, took the reigns for the second presentation and discussed many topics with the students including rubbish disposal and issues surrounding the river.

After lunch with the teachers, Roni and I visited another school further out in Surabaya, SMP 24. The number of students was smaller and they were all really excited and keen for tunas hijau to be there. After telling the class about Australia, pollution and renewable energy, some of the students wanted to show me their ecodrum performance.

I was really impressed by the performance. The kids had clearly worked hard on the song and were very proud of it. They are very talented students and I couldn’t help but dance in my seat and tap my feet.

I was then given a tour of the school. The students have taken a number of initiatives to make the school more environmentally friendly. They have a system of recycling and are soon to introduce a composting centre. Each class has planted a garden in different areas of the school, and grey water is collected in ponds to use on the gardens. Water tanks have also been put into the school grounds. The kids really showed concern for the environment, and wanted to know what I thought of the school, and any ideas I might have to improve the school some more.

It was really great to see such enthusiasm from the kids in relation to the environment, as well as how much pride they had in their school.

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