Petemon XIII Elementary School

Surabaya- The Petemon XIII Elementary School is the first eco friendly school which I saw in Surabaya, Friday (18/6). The school is very clean. It has lot of trees and plants in it. The kids of the Petemon XIII elementary school makes recycled products like plastic flowers and trees from plastic which we use daily. The Petemon XIII elementary school contains head teacher who is called principal of the school. The teachers of the school are very friendly to the children in the school to make them learn new things. The school contains lot of dustbins in it not to allow throw garbage in the school premises. So the children are already aware of environment. So smart enough isn’t it?

Coming to my presentation part, I presented BIODIVERSITY power point presentation to them. I started with a question what is earth. Everybody answered the question but for the second question no one answered because I asked them the meaning of Biodiversity. I started my presentation with many questions . I was given a translator who translated everything into their local language named Bahasa so the children can understand it. After the presentation the children are able to answer my question about Biodiversity, because the presentation made them realise the meaning .

Besides my presentation, I asked the children to play a game to get some concentration on me. The game is simple STAND & SIT game. The children liked the game a lot and played it very good. The kids who went wrong in the game are asked to dance without punishing them in a usual manner. So the kids really enjoyed the presentation and started screaming VIJAY VIJAY VIJAY …….. OMG!!!!!! That made me excited to take a picture with the kids.

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