SMPN 27 With Its Mangrove Conservation

Surabaya- The SMPN 27 school is really a big school which is located on the sea shore. Its one of the eco friendly schools in Surabaya. There is a football play ground for the children n the school. The school is full of variety plants like sansifera,aloevera and many medicinal herbs. But the school is located near a polluted area where the garbage is dumped. that’s a bad sign because the children will be unhealthy from their initial life.

The best part of the school is it has mangrove conservative farm land in it. that’s very big enough. There is also a music class for them and the children are playing some song which I recorded in my camera. That music is really good to hear from them. There are many football players in the school and they are practicing very hard.

Here comes  my presentation to them. The presentation is all about biodiversity . By changing the slides the children understood the meaning of biodiversity very well and answered my questions. The next thing I asked them to do is observe the biodiversity in the school and gave them 20 mins time. They are divided into different groups. By the completion of the time they came up with many kinds of species by observing their school. Then comes the photographs they really want a picture with me and so do the teachers.

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