Air Pollution Goes To SDN Kandangan III And SMP 5

Surabaya- Sina and I went to the elementary school to do the presentation about environmental protection this morning, Wednesday (28/7). Due to the problems with the motorcycle I spent much time on the road. When I got to the school, Sina have been made the presentation about the water pollution and I was waiting outside. It raining heavily, I actually didn’t know what to do. I was appreciating Sina’s presentation.

In Sina’s presentation, I can see a lot of foreigners were thinking environment in China were very serious and used China to be a case to educate the students. At that time when the picture on the screen about the pollution in China, I was a little angry with it. Admittedly, China with a large population, would have environmental problems during the period of developing the economy. But Chinese government and citizens just tried a lot to protect the environment.

The United States famously destroyed a good portion of its natural resources during the 1800’s when citizens of every kind raced toward Manifest Destiny. Britain caused a great deal of its own pollution during this same timeframe with the Industrial Revolution. So we should give China understanding and help. Not just criticizing but to help China to solve the problems. In my turn to do the presentation I just cleared a lot of misunderstanding and encouraged people to solve the environmental problems more effectively.

After lunch we went to another junior high school, SMP 5. At that school we took part in the group discussion. The students there had a strong desire to know how China, such a big country, solved the environmental problems and how the citizens do to protect the air. I said a lot and they just nodded. And the attitude towards the environment at that school were very passionate and they really aware that the pollution posed a serious threat to their health and their next generation. And I could see from their eyes that they really wanted the real solutions to the environment.

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