Air Pollution Goes To SMP 24 And SMA 11

Surabaya- Having struggled to wake up and gone to take a bath to refresh myself, I was pulled to see the schedule of today and waited for the car to pick me up, Friday (30/7). The car still roared on the crumpy streets and steered into a junior high school, SMP 24. At this School all the students were very excited and comparatively passionate for our coming.

The headmaster was very friendly. After a briefing talk, we started today’s first presentation. Again with the same topic –air pollution—plainly, I was a little bored and unmotivated. It’s because we repeated the routine. Everyday, the same thing happened. The level of English in this kind of junior high school was better that the others where I have done the presentations. Also I have divided the students into four groups. When we came to the discussion part, I asked them to talk about how to reduce the air pollution from three perspectives – government, factories and citizens.

The group 1 came up with some solutions about public transportation. They suggested that the government should raise fund to set up public transportation. In this way the emissions from cars would be reduced and the air would be fresh. Although this kind of way was very effective, in my opinion, they were a little immature. Actually they should take the current economy and the attitude of citizens into account. But let’s hope that public transportation would be better in Surabaya.

Other groups were also heatedly discussing about different ways to reduce the pollution. Consequently they came up with so many magical ideas. Why I called them magical, they were not that realistic. Maybe they were too young to consider this kind of issue but I thought it was ok for them to have the awareness of environmental protection.

After a good lunch, we were prepared into another school, SMA 11. The school was a senior high school and I felt a little excited because all the students looked very passionate. When I was telling them the air pollution were very serious all over the world, they were keeping nodding, staring at my eyes. Actually this kind of reaction really brought a sense of achievement to me. I thought they realized the seriousness of the environment owing to my presentation. After heatedly discussion about the topic, I asked them to debate with different groups. This kind of action aroused their passion again. Looking at their attention to the topic, I felt fulfilled.

At the end of today, still tired, I felt happy.

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