An Eco Friendly School, Kristus Raja Elementary School

Surabaya- The Kristus Raja Elementary School is an eco friendly school in Surabaya. This elementary school is a very big school and has a lovely atmosphere for children who study in that school. The important thing about the school is it’s not located near any main road. It says that it is free from pollution especially noise pollution and dust pollution. So the kids future is secure in that school in other words. The Kristus Raja Elementary School also has an play area for the children which makes them play some games in their early age which have some impact then.

The uniform of the children is their traditional Indonesian costumes which are called Batiks. So every student wear those batiks and showed their country’s culture. This is a good sign because their culture is still breathing through the young blood. And this school is helping not to die their culture and giving a lift to their culture to the young guns.

The Kristus Raja Elementary School has a very big parking place for parents to park their vehicles and to meet the teachers of the school. There is also a waiting room for the parents to sit and relax while their children finish their stuff and come to them. The school also have a canteen which is clean and hygienic. This is also a very good sign in the health point of view. Every classroom have an air conditioner in them. It assured children that they can feel happy while they study and it makes them feel safe to study in their school and will be proud to have a school like that.

The environment project in this school that I run is about biodiversity and climate change which are again related to global warming. So the first session is about two presentations which are biodiversity first and next followed by climate change. But I started with some games to improve their concentration and to get my side so that they will listen what I say.

They are really excited after playing the games and are excited to listen my presentations that’s all I need and I got it where I want them to be. I gave my presentations and gave them a small project to observe the variety of species around their school and divided them to groups. They came up with good notes and I was satisfied with their work.