Biodiversity Goes To Kristus Raja Elementary School

Surabaya- It was the first time to have presentation in elementary school. Kristus Raja elementary school has its original uniform and use Indonesian traditional clothes. I visited 6th year class. In the next class, Vijay, the other internship students had same topic presentation about Biodiversity.

At first, I asked them what biodiversity is and explained its terminology. Bio means life, every animals and plants and diversity is variety. Therefore, biodiversity is the variety of life and it represents the connection between every living creature and every difference of living creature. As definition, biodiversity can be identified into three levels, variety of gene, variety of species and variety of ecosystem.

Variety of gene represents the difference of all the organisms, including the difference within the same species. Variety of species is the difference between each species like dogs and cats. The variety of ecosystem is the difference of its environment and the connection between organisms. For example we can see the variety of ecosystem between desert and forest.

Hence, biodiversity can be seen from micro perspective to macro perspective. Then why is it important? Biodiversity makes the ecosystem in particular area. If its biodiversity loses, its ecosystem will be disrupted. Since in ecosystem every organism connect each other, if one organism is lack, all of the organisms in that ecosystem will be collapsed like Jenga. If ecosystem is collapsed, food supply, protection of its environment will be hard. Also we produce medicine by searching the variety of species. Then, we need to protect biodiversity for the animals and also human being.

However, because of climate change, forest destruction, water pollution, hunting, and introduced species, the biodiversity is getting wrong way and many species is facing to serious situation to be extinction species. What we can do is saving electricity, reduce trash, save forest and so on, and all of them are easy to take action.

After my presentation, I had the game with the students. The students make lines and from each line one person will have keyword and they will tell to the next student on the line without language, only with body language. I gave them animal keyword and let them to think the difference of animals with their body. I’m not sure if my plan was succeeded but they enjoyed the game so it was nice.

In this school, the students use their own bottle and use reusable dish. Also they have big garden. Both students and teacher were very nice.

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