Carbon Footprint Goes To SMP 5 Kepanjen Malang

Malang- We travelled to Malang early on Monday (5/7) morning to undertake a 2 day workshop at SMP 5 Kepanjen Malang with children from the area. The topic I covered was climate change and carbon footprints. After a few games as a big group the students were divided into three groups and we separated to start the workshop.

My group and I moved out of the classroom and sat around the frog pond. I had to adapt my presentation a little as it was hard for the whole group to see the powerpoint on my laptop screen. But with help from Afif as my translator the kids seemed to understand what it was that I was trying to say. After giving the presentation on climate change the kids and I played a group game to break things up a bit. The game was fairly successful except that I had unknowingly divided the group into those who were very shy and those who had a lot of confidence. This meant that the group that were very outgoing really got into the game whereas the other group felt a little awkward.

The next part of my presentation was on carbon footprints. After the powerpoint we played a game with newspaper which was meant to symbolize each students carbon footprint, the aim of the game being to make it as small as possible. We then had a break for lunch.

After lunch we had an observation session and the kids had to answer questions about the school and what they could see. When the group came back together everyone shared their responses. Some of the children were really creative and had come up with some really great answers. We then formed an action plan for the following day.

My group decided that they wanted to remind people to save energy and water, as well as to make sure that they recycle and that all garbage is separated into organic and non organic.