Carbon Footprint Into Action

Malang- On Tuesday the 6th we put the plans into action, so after going around the school to make sure no lights were on that didn’t need to be, and that all taps were turned off we returned to the classroom to start the next stage of their action plan.

The kids were asked to come up with 5 slogans or posters that carried a message that they thought were the most important about climate change. They then chose one of those slogans and turned it into a poster.

After lunch the students took their posters out into the community, and after asking permission of their audience they explained the message on their poster and what it would mean for climate change. each of the 4 groups approached 3 different audiences with their poster, and most people seemed to understand, with the exceptions of a few setbacks. The first person one of the groups approached turned and walked away once they knew what the children were asking, and later, a man that had been approached by the boys told them that carbon footprints did not exist. The students were slightly perplexed but not perturbed and so their action plan continued.

We then returned to the classroom to review the afternoons work. While the kids thought that their efforts had been successful, they were also aware that perhaps the people they approached had not fully understood what they were saying or were not paying a lot of attention to them.

Finally all three groups came back together to share what they had done on each of the three topics, climate change, biodiversity and river health. The workshop was then closed and we all headed home, just as it started to rain.