Climate Change Goes To SDN Kandangan I And SMP 26

Surabaya- Today, Wednesday (28/7), it was raining. Usually, Indonesia has rain from October to April but these days they have rain even the season is not for rain. In fact, this is one of the results of climate change and I visited SDN Kandangan 1 and SMP 26 to talk about climate change. Both schools are far from the Tunas Hijau office, but very close to each other. I had presentation about climate change.

At SDN Kandangan 1 that located on Jalan Kandangan in west region of Surabaya, at first I had game “Panda, Usagi, Koala” and then I had time for students to have interview to adult about climate change. They collect much information about strange rain or the weather.

Then I had presentation about climate change. This time I couldn’t use my power point so I used white board with my picture. It was difficult to explain of process of greenhouse effect to elementary school students and we had demonstration with students by making role for students as greenhouse gases, heat and the earth. This time I finished after I gave the presentation.

At SMP 26 the students are very curious and open-minded. At first we had observation around the school. From observation we found some environmental issues; even there is sunlight, some class used electric light, there is no separation rubbish between organic and plastic, there are leaves which are not composed, school has greenhouse but it’s not the role for students to take care of them.  After gathering their observation, I had presentation of climate change and give them discussion time to choose leader for each group, topic and their activities.

Their practice are very active and some group will make and movie, and some will make recycle bag from plastics. When I asked them if there is something I can help, they gave me a lot of questions or suggestion. After the discussion we also have time for communication. I liked their curiosity and looked forward their activities.

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