Climate Change Goes To SMP Barunawati & SMP 27

Surabaya- SMP Barunawati is the school with many greens. I visited this school, Thursday (29/7). I had class at laboratory with 24 students. At first I had game “Stand & Sit”, then I divided the students to groups and gave them time for observation around their school. From our observation we found the garbage on the street, no separation for garbage, waste of energy, and plastic rubbish from water pack and water bottle. I also found some green in SMP Barunawati and the students use bicycle for their transportation as good means for environmental problems.

This time, whole of my class was not efficient. After the observation, we collected their answer and I had presentation about climate change without making connection between their observation and climate change clearly. In my presentation, after I showed them the picture of polar bear eating the other polar bear, I told climate change can make polar bear crazy, and continued as, if climate change will go on and get worse, we human being might start to eat each other. After the presentation, we don’t have much time, then I explained our activities and had discussion time. They choose one leader and what they will make.

In SMP 27 they have mangrove trees and fishponds in their school. It was the first time for me to see the school with mangrove. As the ocean is near from the school, I can smell salty ocean breeze. On the other hand, they are also suffered from high salinity soil because they can’t plant any plants and there was empty. First I had presentation of introduction of Japan and problems in Japan and declared my slogan “Think globally, act locally” with the explanation how environmental issues are connected to each country. Then I had game “Panda, Usagi, Koala” and I had presentation for climate change about definition, consequence of climate change, its process and cause, and solution.

Moreover I connected the topic to mangrove as one effective solution for climate change and had presentation how mangrove can help our life. Mangrove can make habitat and food for variety of animals, and also have great role for human life as windbreak and break water against tsunami or typhoon. Also since mangrove can absorb carbon dioxide, I told them that mangrove can be one solution for climate change. Then we had time to observe around the school and choose one or topic and prepare for plan to make products. The students chose topic about climate change and I regretted that I didn’t strongly recommend doing something with mangrove.

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