Environment Programs With Eco Mobile

Surabaya- I went to SDN Pucang Jajar and SMP 7 Surabaya for Eco Mobile, Friday (30/7). We took a special car painted colorful for Eco Mobile. On the car, it has shelf with books about environment and monitor for video or presentation with speakers, and electric energy is provided from solar energy on the top of car. We had game, presentation or movie as eco mobile event. I expected that today’s job was only taking movie to upload on you tube and no presentation, but contrary to my expectation I had 4 presentations.

First we visited elementary school and met so many students who had interest in Japan. Many students said me Konnichiwa, Arigato and Aishiteru. I had presentation about Japan and also wanted to talk about environmental issues in Japan focused on garbage manage management and water problem but I had to finish my presentation suddenly after 15 minutes.

While the students were watching the movie, Vijay and I was in the teacher’s room and some students visited us and talk a little bit. They were so shy but we had communication in Indonesian and English. It was fun because we taught them English and they taught Indonesian. At the last time so many students asked as our signature and facebook.

At SMP 7, there were also many students who know Japanese phrase and I spent fun time here. Before I came to Indonesia, I never expected that many people have interest in Japanese culture and can speak Japanese language, and it is great for me. If only I am a Japanese, I can be popular and I can give students exciting time.

Especially, this school students are very friendly and open-minded. After introduction and game, I had presentation about climate change 3 times with Albert. Ever, I had many presentations, but this time was the most enjoyable presentation. When I gave question, I got many responses, and students also looked like they have enjoyable time.

After all the presentation, we shook hands all student. When we were going back to the office, Sari fainted because of sunshine so we took a rest at the school and we took many pictures and had chatting with some students. Also they showed us scout performance with Vijay. They sang a song and danced, and Vijay just followed them. It was fun a lot. Today was unscheduled and always with no idea but it was really fun day with satisfaction.

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