River Flows To SMP 21, SMA Muhammadiyah 4 & SDN Petemon 13

Surabaya- We visited SMP 21, Thursday (29/7). I visited SMP 21 last week before and promised them to show pictures from Germany. We sat together the school-hall. On my laptop I showed them the seasons in Germany, how people spend their holidays and how traffic is working in Germany. Everybody was very interested and impressed by the pictures and how green it is in Germany. After that we moved into a classroom and I asked them about their homework. We observed the river next door the last time and they should write down 15 ideas per group what they can do to protect the river.

The students had good ideas and agreed that something has to be done for more clean rivers. They felt responsible and so I showed them 3 projects in which they can use their ideas. The first project is “write and record a song about river pollution’, the second project is ”draw a cartoon about river pollution” and the third project is “make a poster about river pollution”. Most of the students decided for making posters (16) and recording a song (12). The smallest group was the cartoon-group.

Next I divided the bigger groups I small groups so that in the end 3 songs will be recorded, 4 posters will be designed and one cartoon will be drawn. I gave them worksheets for each group with guidelines how to do their project. For homework I asked them to prepare everything and start their project. Next week I will visit SMP21 again and hope that they will have fun doing their projects.

Next we visited SMA Muhammadiyah 4 an Islamic school. I liked this school, because it looked very clean. At first we got to know the headmaster and some teachers. Then we went into the classroom where students of the 10th ,11th and 12th grade were waiting. We divided them into two groups; one group for Colin and one for me. I started telling them about Germany and after a short break we started discussion about rivers in Indonesia.

They told me about the bad conditions and that nobody feels responsible for the mess in the river and that people in general are very lazy concerning environmental issues. They also told that the government doesn’t really do something. One teacher explained that 10 years ago, the rivers were much more clean and that he was able to swim in it. I asked them to write down some actions they could do to protect the rivers. With these ideas I will run actions at the 3th of august with them.

The last school we visited today was SDN Petemon 13. The school conditions I observed last week and this week Colin and I should discuss with the students. The students were at 4th and 5th grade and I started the seminar with showing some pictures from Germany. After that I asked them to tell about the environment conditions in their school. Then we talked about the rivers in Surabaya and I also gave them homework to. They shall find out how a river can be polluted and which effects that could have.

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