SMP 5 Kepanjen Malang, The Best Indonesia Eco School I Ever Visited

Malang- SMP 5 Kepanjen is the best eco friendly school which has won awards from president from Indonesia twice. My work there, Monday-Tuesday (5-6/7), is to aware children came from different government schools in that village and my topic is biodiversity. The school is rich in plants and trees and I think that’s the reason they got awards. They have 150 medicinal plants and many varieties of trees. They even have a frog pond in which they are cultivating frogs. They also have an koi pond and it has lot of fishes.

First part of the workshop is presentation on biodiversity and showing some environmental videos. I started with my presentation on biodiversity and after that explained them how air pollution is destructing the habitats. Then I gave them a task to observe different plant, insect and animal species. And divided them to groups to do that. By evening they successfully collected information about biodiversity and that’s all I need to proceed to the next step. And gave them an action plan to clean the back side garden which is dirty.

Second day we started workshop with some games. Then my team started their action plan and started cleaning the garden and made compos. And I also helped them to dig holes for preparing natural fertilizer. Then I told them to make some postures on biodiversity and gave them 2 hours to prepare it. They prepared with in time and very good postures to aware people of their village. After that the closing ceremony went with some speeches of teachers and the groups made an action plan for future and my group did like they will put a rule to everybody in the school to plant a tree if they complete their course in their school. that’s really awesome idea and I am proud to have a group like that.

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