Air Pollution Goes To SDN Kandangan III and SMP 5

Surabaya- I went to two schools, Monday (2/8) – one is SDN Kandangan III (elementary school) and another one is SMP 5 (junior high school). SDN Kandangan III was visited by me last week. When we were steering into the school, all the students were celebrating our coming and smiling. Actually I felt also happy because they were so passionate and all the students what was my name and where I came from. I was so touched when I asked them what was my name and all answered. After they settled down, I started today’s plan.

Looking at those warm hearted children, I cannot help saying a lot to them. And the plan was to design a logo to print these logos on the sides of recyclable bags and made the recyclable bags more beautiful and more attractive. In this way people can regard environment as a kind of fashion. And we also can use some famous brand like NIKE, Rebook, ADIDAS and so on. In this way, we can find a good combination of business and environment, because the economic growth cannot be stopped. We can use this kind of way to raise a lot of fund to support some supermarkets to promote the recyclable bags and make more people to use it.

I divided the students into 8 groups. At first we discussed the plastic bags. Why people liked using plastic bags, what the disadvantages of plastic bags and so on. All the people were involved in the heated discussion. And those cute children came up with a lot of interesting ideas and thoughts. And then, every group was required to design a logo and poem to express their opinion and ideas to the environmental problems. At the end, looking at those magical pictures, drawn by those children full of imagination, I felt our future would be more beautiful through their hands. And I left with exciting emotion.

This afternoon, we steered in to the SMP 5. The same feeling was flooded in my heart. The students remembered my name, my country and my face. We divided them into four groups. Different groups had different ideas about the environment. One group wanted to use drama, this kind of type to express their idea. At the first, they didn’t know how to make a drama, even don’t know how to write a story. So I provided them with some ideas and inspired them. Soon, they were starting their story. Another group was also very interesting. They wanted to design a poster to demonstrate the seriousness of nature. Also they don’t know how to make. So I used the brainstorm to inspire them. I totally joined their activity although they sometimes didn’t understand what I was talking about.

We left the school with a very happy feeling. A meaningful day.

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