Air Pollution Goes To SMP 21 & SMA Muhammadiyah 4

Surabaya- I went to two School which I been to – one was SMP 21 (junior high school) and another one was SMA Muhammadiyah 4 (senior high school), Tuesday (3/8). Actually I felt so excited. Most of them can understand me what I was saying and gave me the good response.

Of course in this world there were so many irremediable diseases. But there was a one that you want it to happen to yourself – the disease is called passion. When you are injected this kind of disease, you will feel that you are always focusing on the things that you should pay all the attention to do.

Today I felt this kind of feeling flowing among those students and I was being infected by this kind of feeling. I divided those SMP 21 students into six groups and asked them to design the poster and slogan that can be printed on the sides of the recyclable bags. Then a heated discussion was revealed and they were all very excited about today’s plan. Actually, I was very curious about their works.

I was wondering about different groups and sometimes gave them some suggestions and instructions about how to design a poster. They had a lot of ideas and they made their opinion come true on the paper. Sometimes, as a child is a good thing. They can let their imagination roar on the sky. They used their hands to make a contribution to the environment and the society. I hope it would be better.

After lunch we were driving to another school, SMA Muhammadiyah 4. I would do the plan in a classroom, the same plan as in the morning. But the consequence is very different. At first, I used a sense of humor to talk with them. Because they were in senior high school, I thought we could talk a lot. There were ten people in the classroom—five girls and five boys. First I assumed that I could divide them into five groups. Every group has a boy and a girl. But they refused. So finally I divided them into two groups – one is for girls and another one is for boys. They also drawn the posters and used another perspective to illustrate their opinion.

Through today’s work, I found that although different people had different ideas, they were all passionate.

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