Climate Goes To SDN Kandangan I, Part II

Surabaya- I visited SDN Kandangan 1 as second visit for the Climate Goes to Schools, Thursday (5/8). As original schedule, we planed to go to SMP 26 but because of the ceremony tomorrow at new sports center, it was suddenly cancelled so I only visited SDN Kandangan 1 and it became the last class here.

When I arrived there, many students called me Chiyako from the classroom. But today we had class not in classroom but in front of cafeteria. At the first part, I reviewed the last presentation of climate change very shortly. Then I discussed what the solution is for climate change and made them keep note. After that, the students made poster about solution or complaint for climate change. Some of them drew the earth with the words “save the earth”, practical solution with explanation or present bad condition. The one I liked is picture with the earth but half of earth is healthy but the other half is unhealthy.

With those posters, we went out to the street and had campaign to local people around the school. In Japan, it is impossible to go out without permission and also it is difficult to have communication with stranger. So I was confused when Roni suggested me that the students go out and get signature from at least 3 people. Before out going, I told the students to have discussion what they want to say to the others with their poster. It was hard to make them discussion because they were so excited to know that they can go outside.

Somehow I made them have discussion and went out the street beside the school. At first, the students only show their poster for 2 seconds and get signature. So I told them to speak more about their posters and suggest the solution to the others. But it was difficult because the adult’s attitude was not so good. They didn’t try to listen well to students campaign. It is same in Japan, the students till high school have interest in environmental problem but if they get older they have no more interest in it. In that meaning, I thought effective environmental education from young age should be important for solution. That is what I learn today.