Climate Goes To SMP 26 Part III

Surabaya- Today, Monday (9/8), was the last day to work in Tunas Hijau. I only visited SMP 26 and had 2 sessions. Before I went to SMP 26, we dropped at SDN Kandangan 1 and I met some of my students by chance.

At SMP 26, firstly, I had interview from students about myself, the reason why I came to Indonesia, the difference between Indonesia and Japan, and the solution for environmental problems for their homework. Today we had 6 groups and we had presentation competition. At the first plan we wanted to have presentation at the other classes by each group. However, unfortunately, we couldn’t have enough time and we only had presentation in our class. I gave the students 15 minutes for preparation before presentation but some students only from Vijay’s students didn’t have any material for presentation and I was a little bit disappointed.

At presentation, I gave at maximum 15 minutes at each group. Their topic is about how to make compost, electricity efficiency, inorganic rubbish, greenhouse, biodiversity and the solution to increase green in their school. Students use posters, power point and video which students made by themselves, with the other classmate or copying from Internet. The power point that the students used were for some reason in English with difficult sentences and it was not good for the other students. I liked the poster with the words “Please let the lamp a rest” with picture that lamp laying on the pillow. After the presentation, we went outside and did some action like picking up the rubbish or checking if the light was turned off.

Once we get gathering in the classroom, we had discussed what we could do for environmental problem in their school. We made 6 actions; make schedule for greenhouse, make 1 special day for thinking environmental problem, make presentation for the others, make posters or sticker to put on the switch, bring own bottle for water and learn more about compost. I gave the certificate to the best group and also special prize for a student who worked hard to clean the playground while we went outside.

It was the last day but without any reality my job in Tunas Hijau was over. I still can’t believe that I will never visit Indonesian school as far as I will get chance again but I will never forget the moments here.