Climate Goes To SMP 27 Part III

Surabaya- I went to SMP 27, where is located on Jalan Wonosari Besar Ujung, Friday (6/8). This was the last day to visit there. In total I had visited SMP 27 Surabaya 3 times. Today’s plan was the presentation competition by students and students was supposed to bring their posters and have presentation with their posters. So I made certificate for them and bring it to school. I supposed that I would go to one more school, SMP Barunawati, but it was cancelled by the other event.

That last night, I got message from other organization and it said the event on Saturday was suddenly changed to Friday, and I had to go to the event instead of going to my school in Tunas Hijau. However, the school project in Tunas Hijau is my own project and with Tunas Hijau support, I myself run this project with my own students. Moreover, I love my students and fortunately, they are seemed that they enjoy the time with me.

Therefore, I wanted to go to my school both of SMP 27 and SMP Barunawati which I already visited and promised to come back there again. So I asked to the other organization that I wanted go to my school and I couldn’t join to their event. Till this morning, I thought I would go to 2 schools in the morning and at afternoon. But it wasn’t. I only visited SMP 27 and Barunawati was cancelled.

Whatever, I went to SMP 27 with Tunas Hijau activist Dony Kristiawan and had the last workshop. As usual, when I arrived at the school, my students shouted my name but today they also asked me “How are you?” Today, all the students were in uniform for exercise and during my workshop, some students had to practice EP. And there were 8 groups in my class but except 1 group, all groups didn’t bring their posters.

Surely, last time I told them this Friday I would come back here again and the students would have presentation with their posters. But by miscommunication, students supposed that I would come back again on next Friday. So we changed plan and we gave them 30 minutes and prepare for presentation without their posters but with some visual.

They started their work so quickly and practiced their presentation with white board. During their preparation, Donny and I visited the students and encouraged and took pictures. After 30 minutes we gathered the same class and had presentation competition. Each group had presentation for 10 minutes and their topic is about planting, water pollution, ecosystem, garbage management, and solution in SMP 27.

I chose the group which talk about the planting as the solution in SMP 27 as the best presenter because they gave the audience exact solution what we can do from now. At the last I talk them that now we were thinking so much with using our brains but the next step is taking action with using our body. And then I said goodbye to them and picture again. It was so sad.  I never want to forget their face and I wish they will not forget that they shared good time with one from Japan.