Part II, River Flows To SMPN 24, SMA 11 & SDN Petemon 13

Surabaya- The first school we visited was SMPN 24, Wednesday (4/8). There we started with a repetition of that, what we did at the last visit. The students told, what they have observed during school-observation. After that we discussed again about rivers. Instead of doing a powerpoint presentation, I used the board and drew a lot to visualize the topic of river pollution.

Together with the students I drew the water cycle and we decided together how this cycle can be influenced. The students had to think about what can pollute the rivers and which effects this could have on the animals and also on humans. Finally I asked them who is the source of river pollution and the whole class answered, that the carelessness and lazyness of humans is the problem.

They told that the society is too lazy and that there are no rules which prevent pollution. After this, I asked them to be active and do something to protect the rivers. I gave them several projects to choose and finally they chose to write a song, write a letter, make a role play and create a poster. Because I visit this school in total only 3 times, the next time would be my last visit. Because of that and because the next visit will be in 2 weeks, I asked them to do the project as homework. I hope they will use the 2 weeks to work on their projects.

The second school today was SMA 11. Because of an interfering Germany course, some students of mine were missing. A pity for me, that these were the students who can speak a little Germany. Nevertheless, we repeated together the last visit. The students told again about the conditions in Indonesia and I told them about the environment fun days. The students plan to do posters, poetry, bulletin board and write letters to the government. Impressing is, that the class has only 14 students and some decided to do two things.

So, 4 posters will be done, each by one student. Poetry will be written by one student and 4 students want to write individual letters to the government. Only the bulletin board, which is far too much work for one student will be done by a group of 5 students. The lesson ended with giving them time for discussing and planning their projects. I asked them to give me a list of materials they need at the end of the lesson. I am looking forward to see the results.

The last destination for today was the school SDN Petemon 13. This school I visited twice before. One time for observation and the other time for doing presentation. This time, I had a mixed group of students, some of them I already knew from my last seminar and some of them were new. To have all on the same level, I asked them to explain to the new students what we did last time. Of course I did also some games and after that we had a discussion about river pollution. Then I made a little poster competition. We gave them an A4 Paper, one for each student and told them to draw a picture about river pollution. They were allowed to draw what they want- the only guideline was that the picture has to contain a slogan.

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