River Flows To SMP 21 & SMA Muhammadiyah 4

Surabaya- The first school we visited this morning, Tuesday (3/8), was SMP 21. At the last visit, the students choose different projects about river and the homework was to start them. Some of the students did a very good job and some didn’t start their project yet. For example, one member of the cartoon-group created a cartoon and also finished this at home. The story is about a little green creature a little bit looking like a Pokemon. This creature through rubbish into a river and is watched by a fairy.

This fairy punished the creature by showing the people what will happen because of his carelessness. I think it’s a great idea and good material for our exhibition. Also the poster groups brought pictures and material to work and they prepared also texts at home. The largest group was the group for making a song. This group chooses to use water bottles as instruments and encourage people in the song to clean up the rivers together.

Our second destination today was SMA Muhammadiyah 4. In my mind, each school has a nickname and the nickname for this school is: the blue school. In this school, everything is colored in blue and I like it very much. The teachers I met at my last visit welcomed us but the class was a little bit smaller because some students had interfering courses. We started the seminar with a repetition of the last meeting. After that, the students should do group work for 20 minutes and have ideas how to protect rivers.

The students did well and after each group presented the results, we decided to plan actions for the next meetings. Therefore we made 3 groups with each 5 students. So, 5 students will do a poster, 5 will write a novel and 5 will write a letter to the government. I changed the projects a bit from the other schools, because I want to have a large variety of materials for the exhibition.