AL MUSLIM Fresh Experience

Sidoarjo- I was about to start this ecopreneurship project with some primary schools in Surabaya and around. AL MUSLIM is my first school to negotiate with today, Thursday (27/10). It is a school visit on the one month “moniversary” of my stay in Indonesia so it is kind a special and actually the school was definitely very impressive to me and has made my “moniversary” more exciting.

As I enter the school yard, the school appears to be a garden rather than a place for classes. And this very first impression has made me consider this school must be very environmentally friendly. Nice and clean walking path make me feel like to stay longer. After enter the school building, the students from green club offered to show me around the school.

When I take a closer look of the walking path, I found there are so many painting from students on the wall of along the path. Childhood is always the best time to show your creativity and I was quite impressed by the imagination of those students. What’s special about the school was it’s garden was even bigger than the schooling area.

This are so many plants planted by the students there and they are carefully arranged which makes the garden both appealing and productive. The kind students introduced me their gardener who help them take care of their plants. It is sweet that they respect and thankful to people who work hard to help with the environment. Glad I also helped watering a bit of the corn fields and the students seem so excited seeing me help.

After taking a walk around the planting area, we joined with the kindergarten activity. They teachers are trying to show the little kids how to show themselves as a model. Me together with the green club members went onto the stage as examples which was quite fun!

After getting involved with the students for some time, I found their English ability are far better than I imagined and they are quite proud to have environmental activities and their outcomes. I believe I gonna have a really good experience later joining the students with their environmental actions and these young environment protecting pioneers will bring the idea of environment protection wherever they go. (Zhao Pan)