SD Hang Tuah 10 Eco-preneurship Ideal Partner

Sidoarjo- Today I went for a school visit to SD Hang Tuah 10 in Sidoarjo and invite them to join our ecopreneurship project. Seem the school is an ideal place to start the project. The students were suppose to have a video conference with a school in Japan in the morning.

All the students were very excited about that and they were preparing a painting to show their Japanese friends. As we started the video connection with Japan, all the friendly students cannot wait to say hi to the other side of the world. The Japanese students were also very kind and they had prepared songs and small performances to show their Indonesia friends and they came in front of the camera to introduce themselves one by one with their paintings.

The students interacted and talked to each other like they were really close. I ‘ve never had this kind of experience communicating culture and make friends with people from other countries when I was a kid. I really appreciate the school were considerate enough to come up with this kind of international corporation to help the students understand world culture and form a open mindset for their future.

After the video conference, I was invited to take a walk around the school, it is a really nice campus with creative drawings from the students everywhere. There’s is even a big drawing from their Japanese friends suggesting their long-lasting friendship. The school yard is cute and clean as well and there is a very organized composting program in this school which is quite impressive.

Amount of students in this primary school is more than a thousand but it seems to be vey organized and successful in education because of the efficient management. Hopefully, the students are quite interested in the Eco-preneurship program we are about to run and the headmaster has also shown his strong interest. I hope I could come the the school again to start our project as soon as possible with the cute students. (Zhao Pan)