Part II, Air Pollution Goes To SMP 24, SMA 11 & SDN Petemon XIII

Surabaya- We went to three schools – one was SMP 24 (ajunior high school), one was SMA 11 (senior high school) and another one was SDN Petemon XIII (elementary school), Wednesday (4/7). I felt very excited and electrifying. Those students knew me and remembered me. A kind of warm feeling was flowing in my heart when they smiled at me with sunlight-like feeling. And with this kind of feeling, I started today’s work.

First, we went to SMP 24. I wondered why they were always excited and passionate for every thing. I brought a new question—why people liked using plastic bags and what the advantage of plastic bags were. And for arousing the active atmosphere, I shouted who would the first one to answer this question. After this, something chaotic ensued. They shouted their answers with high volume. I cannot decide who was the first one, but I can decide who were the best ones—all the students were the best.

Then I asked them to design the logo and slogan about their opinions for the environment, combined with the Indonesian cultural stuff. A big discussion was burned and they e were all getting involved in the discussion and they asked me a lot about the environment, although their English is not that good. After all they were junior high school students.

After lunch, we got prepared to the next school, SMA 11. All the teachers and all the students were very friendly and they were strongly curious about China—the culture, the food and the environment. I even met a girl who would go to Guangzhou in December this year, the city where I lived. I just told her that if she needed any help, I would have given all the help. At that moment, I felt no boundaries among countries. I started my afternoon’s work. Also I gave them a lot of examples about plastic bags and asked them to design the logo which could be printed on the sides of recyclable bags.

There exited the difference between different grades students. They had different ideas about environment. They also promised me they wouldn’t use the plastic bags. Doing is more powerful than saying .I hope they could keep their promise.

At last , we went to the elementary school, SDN Petemon XIII, which can bring the power for you. Those kids were so active and motivated. In the part of this school, we made some comic about environment. After all, they were too young, but they were also full of imagination.

That’s all the work today. I felt young.

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